Sunday, April 4, 2010

Introducing Cousin Jenny Holden Browne

The letter today is from Sarah's cousin Jenny Holden Browne.  She wrote to her cousin on 01 Jun 1903.  By this time, Sarah Cummings had moved to Plymouth, New Hampshire.  Her cousin Jenny Browne was thrilled to receive a letter form 'the relatives in New Hampshire'.  She said it had been years since she had heard from any of them.

Her letter to Sarah is lengthy and full of family data.  My post today will cover the genealogical information presented in Jenny Browne's letter.  I thought it might be helpful, as she seems to have been left off of the Holden Genealogy.  My next post will fill in the narrative.

Jenny Browne writes from La Grange, Illinois and had not corresponded with Sarah for many years.  Based on the information she mentions about her brothers, she is the daughter of Phineas Holden.  She tells Sarah Cumings that she will be 70 on 30 June 1903, making her birth 30 June 1833.  Jenny also refers to her husband as J.M.B.  Based on census records, her husband is Josiah M. Browne.  He dies of heart failure on 25 Feb 1898 in his chair, while reading to his wife about the blowing up of the Maine.

Children of Jenny M. Holden and Josiah M. Browne are:
  • Malcom Jay Browne b. 2 Jul 1854 in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Married Adeline Munger on 10 Jul 1876 in Chicago, Illinois.
    • Jenny F. Browne b. 20 Dec 1877
    • William Browne b. 19 Apr 1879
    • Ralph Browne b. 12 Feb 1882
  • George Parker Browne b. 10 Dec 1859 d. 28 Oct 1865
  • Albon Browne b. 11 Sep 1863 d. 16 Dec 1863
  • Lottie Elizabeth Browne b. 27 Apr 1865 d. 27 Oct 1865
  • Willis Wilson Browne b. 28 Jan 1867 in Joliet, Illinois. Married Nellie Dott Phillips of Walworth, Wisconsin on 11 June 1890.
    • Gertrude Ruth Browne b. 24 Feb 1892

Jenny Browne mentions that two of her children died one day apart from dysentery and are buried in the same grave.  Can you imagine the anguish in this poor women's life.  It is bad enough to lose  one child, but two at the same time...

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