Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mary Medeley Reynolds

My previous Medeley post introduced the family of Joshua and Martha Medeley.  I mentioned that they only had one child that lived to adulthood, Mary.  Mary Medeley was born 16 Aug 1860 and this post will include the documents that were lovingly preserved by Mary's only child, Edith.
 Mary Elizabeth Medeley married John B. Reynolds on 22 April 1884.  Two other related documents to their marriage certificate are shown below.

    Both the marriage announcement and the reception announcement were saved along with the marriage certificate.  I tried to locate the church, but didn't have much luck.  There is a reference to an 'Old St. Paul's' but I am not so sure it is the same church.

The reception hall is even more difficult to locate.  Google maps has a pretty neat feature that allows you to actually see the street as if you were standing on the sidewalk.  There is a boarded up building which might be the reception hall, it is just hard to say.  It does appear like the area has seen better days.

The remaining two items are related to Mary's husband John B. Reynolds.  He was a druggist and worked for Harrison Duffield located at 2601 N. Sixth Street at the corner of Huntingdon.  John's business card was also lovingly saved.

I had a little more luck locating the drugstore.  There is one storefront still standing at the corner of N. Sixth Street and Huntingdon.  It looks like there may have been another storefront across the street at one time, but it is now a vacant lot.  The other two properties are still standing but look like residential rather than business properties.  
Is this the home of Harrison Duffield Druggist?

The remaining item is a clipped obituary for John B. Reynolds.  I wonder if Edith clipped it from the paper?  Now she would be alone.
I Googled the address listed in the obituary and, assuming the addresses have not changed the house is shown below (you've just got to love Google!)  The drug store might be the image on the right.

Edith Reynolds dies on 23 April 1959.  With her death, the line of Joshua Medeley and Martha Sweeting comes to an end.  An end that is until I scooped up a handful of documents in 2012.  For sixty-three years these documents were kept together by someone.  Now this family lives on.

I've still got one more document to share with you - a Bible record which takes os back to merry old England!        

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