Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aunt Sarah Cram - part 2

Aunt Sarah Cram tells Sarah Cummings about the Cram family. She mentions her husband, George W. Cram, went to California in 1849 and returned to Massachusetts in 1850. After his return, he was appointed Surveyor General of lumber for the state of Massachusetts. George and Sarah Cram had the following children:

  • George Henry Cram, born 27 Sep 1828. He went to California with his father and died on the return trip home in Nov 1850.

  • Francis W. Cram, born 18 Jul 1830. Died Feb 1833.

  • Alfred Cram, born 28 May 1832. Died Dec 1832.

  • Albert H. Cram, born 25 Apr 1835, by occupation a bookkeeper in wholesale establishments.

  • Franklin W. Cram, born 5 Jul 1837, now in Colorado.

  • Charles Edward Cram, born Jun 1839. He is a bookkeeper and agent for a manufacturers company and clerk for the Boston and Lowell Rail Road.

  • Addie L. Cram, born 19 Sep 1844. Died 31 Mar 1870.

  • Henry Brooks Cram, born in Rumney, New Hampshire on 15 Jul 1849, at present a bookkeeper in Boston.

Aunt Sarah then mentions that she thought Sarah Cummings's father was born in Salem, and was married in Boston in 1836. She couldn't remember the month, but thought it was October. She couldn't remember his age at marriage, but thought he was probably 24 or 25.

The photograph on the right is the Boston and Lowell Rail Road station. If you click on it, the link will take you to a great article discussing the history of the organization.

I also clipped a part of the 1850 Federal Census for Rumney, New Hampshire. George and Sarah Cram are living next to Adam Holden. The Sarah Holden in his household is our Sarah Cummings. Notice that George and Sarah's son George is also listed in the household. I wonder if both Georges were actually living in the household or were they in California? Aunt Sarah tells her niece that her son George died on the return journey from California.

Sarah also mentions her son Henry Brooks Cram was born in Rumney, New Hampshire. She must have moved back to Rumney to be near her family while her husband went west looking for his fortune.

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