Monday, March 1, 2010

William Wallace Holden

Josiah’s letter to his niece, Sarah Cummings, dated 22 June 1880 evidently is an answer to a couple of questions Sarah must have asked him in a previous letter. Sarah must have asked him about his mother’s family (which would have been Sarah’s grandmother). Josiah tells her that he does not know a whole lot about his mother’s family. Her name was Bridget Atwell and she was the only daughter of John Atwell and his wife Bridget Cummings. He then switches to his son William Wallace Holden.

William Wallace Holden married Angeline Yeomans on 5 Nov 1849. Josiah mentions that Angeline was a twin and that both sisters were married on the same day and at the same time.

Josiah lists the children of William and Angeline as:
  • Oldest daughter born in August 1850
  • Ida born in May 1852
  • Gregg born in March 1854
  • John born in September 1856
  • William Born 5 January 1862, and
  • Fourth son born in August 1868
The 1870 Federal Census record, shown below, is for the William Wallace Holden household in Wyoming Township, Kent County, Michigan. Ida Holden is living in the household of Daniel Stewart, also living in Wyoming Township. Ida marries Warren E. Spencer on 23 Nov 1871. The image below William's census record is a small fragment of the Kent County marriage returns showing Ida and Warren's marriage.

William Holden's wife dies in 1867, so I am not so sure the last child belongs to Angeline or to his second wife, Jane. I looked at the FamilySearch Record Search site, but didn't find William's marriage to Jane, the Death of his first wife, or the death of the 'fourth' son.

Next time, Josiah relates a "Romeo and Juliet" story...

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