Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gustavus Fox of Macomb County, Michigan - The Fox Hunt Continues

I've been slowly expanding my 'Fox hunt' and will try to zero in on Henry Fox's father, Joel Fox.  To do this I need to first introduce you to Henry's younger brother, Gustavus Fox.  Once again Ancestry.com comes to the rescue.  Gustavus has a biographical sketch in the Past and Present of Macomb County, Michigan.  I clipped out the entry which is displayed below.

This sketch provides a little more information on Joel Fox.  We find out that Gustavus is born in Connecticut in 1810.  Joel then moves his family to Batavia, Genesee County, New York by 1815.  Joel Fox moves to Canada in 1823.  This sketch states that Gustavus arrives in Michigan in 1832.  Henry Fox is said to have arrived in Michigan in 1833.  If this sketch is correct, we can place the father of Henry and Gustavus in Connecticut up to at least 1810.  

Two of Gustavus's children have biographical sketches in the History of Macomb County, Michigan.  I have clipped the part of the sketches that refer to either Joel or Gustavus Fox.
Both of the above sketches mention Joel Fox, too.  Robert Fox states that Joel came to Macomb County by 1827 while Henrietta Fox says Joel 'and his family' arrive in Michigan about 1830.  Either way, Joel Fox is supposed to be in Michigan very early.  In the late 1820s and early 1830s Michigan was truly a frontier.  The population of Michigan did not appreciably grow until after the completion of the Erie canal in the 1830s.  The 1830 census does exist for the territory of Michigan, but I do not see Joel Fox listed.  Of course he could easily have been missed as most of the area outside of Detroit were extremely remote settlements. 

Henry Fox died before death certificates were required in Michigan.  Gustavus Fox died in 1904.  By this time death certificates were required for all deaths.  I copied the death certificate for Gustavus Fox.  It is displayed below.

This record confirms the father of Gustavus Fox as Joel Fox.  It also shows the mother of Gustavus Fox as being Ellath... Mac.  I'll let you figure out what her first name is.  If you look at her last name it appears to be Mac.  A quick search online for Gustavus Fox turns up several files which list her surname as Mann.  I'm not quite sure where this comes from.  I think her name was Mac (I'll tell you why in a later post).  

Now we are ready to recap all the information we have collected as we continue on our Fox hunt...   



  1. Hi Tom, Came across your great blog and was happy to read your research about my Foxes. I have talked with you before about my Joel Fox, the father of Gustavus.
    To answer your question about where Ellathene's last name being Mann came from, it was on a transcription of Gustavus' death record. I also saw one that said Marr. But on his actual death record, you can see that it says Mac. (or possibly Mas. or Mae.) But what is the carefully placed period for? That puzzles me.
    You said in this post that you would tell why you believe her last name was Mac/Mack, but I didn't see that discussed. Could you elaborate?
    Thanks, S Jenkins

  2. Hi Tom,
    We have corresponded before about our Fox Family. I have a correction for you. The email address I have for you is not correct, so I am writing you here.
    I have found out that George Wilson Fox who was born in 1842 is NOT the son of Gustavus Fox. The correct man is George W Fox born 1840 and married to Caroline Tucker.
    I have yet to find the true parents of George Wilson. I am looking at Sheldon/Seldon Fox from NY and PA as being his father. If you know anything about this man, I would appreciate the info.
    I just wanted you to know so that you could correct records.
    Sharon Jenkins

  3. Thanks for the info! I'll have to admit I haven't done much on this line...