Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ansel Fox of Trenton, Oneida County,New York

I'll start my new Fox hunt with Ansel Fox of Trenton.  I picked him because he is the closest Fox family to my Joel Fox (with the exception of Faucet Fox whom I can find nothing on - at least for now).  I usually start this kind of research off with a quick name search on  It didn't take much to find the family sketch in the Hazen Family in America. 
This family is a perfect match for Anson Fox in Trenton.  What I find even more interesting is that Anson was born in Connecticut.  We also learn his parents names are Reuben Fox and Hannah Williams.  This family sketch also states Ansel was born in Cornwall, Connecticut which is in Litchfield County.  I copied the 1820 Trenton census with the names from the above sketch so you could also see how well the information matches.
If the list of children are correct, Ansel should be in Oneida County in 1810.  The only problem with the 1810 census is that only the first initial of the first name is listed - for everyone!  I just hate that.  However, you have to work with what you have.  I have yet to locate Ansel in 1810.  In 1800 he is still living in his father's household in Cornwall, CT.  I have clipped the census page below.  The names and dates are from the Barbour Collection for the births in Cornwall, CT.

The birth date for Reuben Fox come from the Barbour Collection births for East Haddam, CT.  The only child I couldn't find is Levina Fox.  She was born in 1773 and most likely would have been married by 1800, assuming she lived.   


  1. Following this with interest because it is kind of local for me. So here is a bit of useless trivia for you. Holland Patent is named for Lord Holland, who was Henry Fox (1705-1774). He received a patent of 20,0000 acres from King George III, though I doubt he ever set foot on the land. This has no connection to the Holland Land Co in western NY. It's unlikely that your Fox family descends from him, just one of life's weird coincidences.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I am noticing that a lot of these families come from Connecticut. I wonder if these are individuals who moved from the patent to Connecticut during the Indian raids of the 1760s?