Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Foxes Strike Back

OK, so I just can't let this family go.  I know it appears that my Sarah Ann Fox Perry is not related to Henry Fox, who is living close to her in the 1840 St. Clair County, Michigan census.  I traced, at least through online sources, Henry's family back to Connecticut.  It appears that Sarah Ann Fox's father Joel cannot fit into the family of Henry Fox's Joel.  So I have decided to approach this from a different angle.

I know that there are eight Fox families enumerated in the 1820 Oneida County, New York census.  Now all I have to do is figure out who these Fox families are and to whom they are related to.  How hard can it be - right?

The map of Oneida County above shows the eight Fox families with arrows pointing to the towns they lived in.  My Joel Fox is shaded in red.  Of course, just like my ancestors, Joel Fox is living in the town that borders another county.  Herkimer County is the neighboring county so I found another map and merged the two together and mapped all but one town's Foxes, too.  German Flatts had too many Foxes to list.  Looking at the map below I guess I have a little work to do to sort all these families out.

So off to work I go...

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