Saturday, November 27, 2010

Peter Fox of Schuyler, Herkimer County, New York

Peter Fox is listed in the 1820 census as living in the town of Schuyler.  Schuyler once encompassed the town of Deerfield in Oneida County.  Peter Fox is a generation older than my Joel Fox in Deerfield.  Peter was born in 1760 and is buried in Schuyler along with his son Josiah Fox, born in 1812.  The image below is my map with Ansel and Charles Fox (covered in previous posts) and my Joel and Faucet Fox placed in proximity to Peter Fox.  This should give you a geographical idea of where these families lived in relation to each other.
Every time I am writing one of these posts, I end up spending most of the day searching all the nooks and crannies of the Internet.  It's just amazing what a Google search can turn up.  Both Charles and Ansel were born in Connecticut.  The only record I have for Joel's place of birth is from the 1880 census for his daughter, Sarah Ann Fox.  Both her parents are listed as being born in New York.  Peter Fox is a New York Fox.

Peter's family is difficult to reconstruct.  Josiah is the only other individual I can place.  He has two males born between 1795 and 1800.  By the 1820 census, both of those individuals are gone.  Peter Fox is the only household with the surname living in Schuyler in the 1820 census.  I guess I'll put this family on my research list for Salt Lake City, too.

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  1. I have a Josiah Fox in my family tree. Is this the same one who married Elizabeth Butterfield? They were parents to Alma Fox Myers, who along with her husband Joseph, were my maternal grandfather's great-grandparents. In the early 20th century, the whole (albeit small) family were in Seattle, Washington.