Friday, November 12, 2010

Charles Fox of Herkimer County

I jumped to Charles Fox of Warren in Herkimer County because he is a brother of Ansel Fox of Trenton, Oneida County.  Charles is said to have arrived in Warren in 1805.  He also was the first commercial cheese maker, or at least according to the History of Herkimer County.  Reuben Fox also moves to Warren where he dies in 1806 (I found the cemetery listing on the Herkimer County Genweb site).  The map below shows Ansel and Charles Fox in proximity to Faucet and Joel Fox.
Charles Fox's family is a little harder to piece together.  I suspect Charles had a son named Joseph, but beyond that I can't say who any of the other individuals are.  The census image below is for the 1820 census of Warren, Herkimer County.
I wonder who the Male born between 1795 to 1803 is?  There is a family tree file online, (of course unsourced) that claims Charles also had a son named Charles.  I wonder if Ansel and Charles visited each other?  I find it interesting they would have had to gone through the town of Deerfield (where my Joel Fox lived) in order to visit.

I can't wait for my next trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake... 


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    Looking for parents of Helen Fox born abt: 1817 in New York and died 31 Jul 1854 Herkimer, New York. She was married to Alonzo A Keeler. She is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery.


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