Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Fox Hunt Continues...

Ruth Fox in Camillus, Onondaga County tries for years to convince the Pension Board to give her a pension.  On 04 Dec 1852 she tries one more time.  She states her age as 82 years.  So we can place her birth around 1770.  She also needed to have proof of her marriage.  The letter below was submitted as this proof.  This letter is actually a fascinating family document - though you wouldn't know it.
The statement was made by Peter Brumagin in Schenectady County (charmingly spelled Schenattada County).  He states he was familiar with Mrs. Ruth Randall and her deceased husband Lemuel Fox.  He further mentions he was living in the neighborhood as a close neighbor at the time of their marriage.

Phebe Primmer and Sarah Brumagin also state they were close neighbors at the time of Ruth Randall's marriage to Lemuel Fox.  They further state they have read Peter Brumagin's statement and they are in agreement with it.

The last letter in the file was from Peter Primmer of Schenectady County.  He essentially repeats the same statement the three individuals state in the previous letter.
My next post will examine why I know these individuals are family and I'll explain why I know the Ruth Fox in the 1810 Russia, Herkimer County is the same person mentioned here...

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