Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zeroing in on Joel Fox in Deerfield

I have been able to narrow down where in Deerfield, Oneida County, New York my Joel Fox lived.  It was actually one of those serendipitous finds at Google Books that put me a step, or maybe an itty bitty baby step, closer to finding Joel Fox's father.  I came across a list of subscribers to a religious track published in 1822.  The town of Deerfield is listed.  I clipped the page below:
This list has fascinated since I found it.  First, I learned that Joel's father-in-law is a Deacon (in what church I still have yet to figure out).  I also discovered that most of these individuals lived in the small hamlet of North Gage in the town of Deerfield.  In fact, Warner Forbes is buried in North Gage (I found this on GenWeb).  North Gage is about 12 miles away from Utica, which matches the distance from Utica mentioned in Sarah Fox Perry's obituary for her place of birth.  

The map below shows North Gage in relationship to Utica.  I also added a new name to my Fox list, Ruth Fox who is living in the town of Russia, Herkimer County in the 1810 census.  Many of the families that settled in North Gage came from the town of Russia.  My next post will try to figure out Ruth's family.

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