Monday, December 27, 2010

Oneida County 1810 Fox Families

I have avoided the 1810 Federal census for Oneida County because the census taker decided all he needed was the first initial and last name of each head of household.  To further muddy the water, no town names are listed either!  It is just one long list of names.  There are 4 Fox families and W. Forbes (whom is the father-in-law of Joel Fox).  So let's look a little closer at these records and try and figure out what they are saying to us.

The chart below displays the four Fox families and W. Forbes and the pages they appear on the census list.  S. Fox seems to be the closest to W. Forbes.  Do these page numbers represent 'closeness' to each other?  I really do not know.  The same handwriting is used for the entire list which makes me think this is probably an administrative copy of the original enumeration.  So who knows how the names were placed on the list.

Census Page Number
M. Fox
Page 26
J. Fox
Page 33
S. B. Fox
Page 39
S. Fox
Page 91
W. Forbes
Page 96

I thought I would try and locate the towns these individuals are in by comparing them to the 1820 census.  The very busy looking image below is a comparison of the 1810 Oneida County census on the left and the 1820 Oneida County census for the town of Paris.  The lines are drawn from the individuals in the 1810 census to their matching family in the 1820 census.
  There are actually more matches for this group, but the list is too long to include.  I am pretty confident in stating that M. Fox lived in the town of Paris in the 1810 census.  Now all I have to do is figure out who M. Fox is.  His/her family is displayed below.
So far I haven't been able to figure out who this family is.  I went page by page in the 1820 census for the town of Paris, but can find no M. Fox listed.  Now let's see if I can locate the towns the other three Fox families were living in in 1810...

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